The following is a short list of press, performances, talks, and recorded music that Steve has been involved in.



Steve gave a talk named "Music Games and Music for Games" for the NYU Game Center's Practice conference on November 16, 2016. 

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Northwestern EPICS Speaker series

Steve participated in the MA in Sound Arts and Industries EPICS Speaker Series on May 18, 2017, giving a talk on game audio and music design. He met with students afterwards for hands on demos with Harmonix games like Rock Band VR and for one on one discussion/Q&A on music game design and game audio.

steve pardo trio live.jpeg

STeve Pardo trio - live

Listen to the Steve Pardo Trio perform a full set at CTK Cambridge in January 2017.


Oculus COnnect 2016

Steve chatted with Naomi Kyle about Rock Band VR at Oculus Connect 2016 in San Jose.

Jump to 29:00 to hear Steve's interview.