First Person Blog

A place to sit in my studio. Cozy.

A place to sit in my studio. Cozy.

I’m going to stop pretending this site is run by someone else and I’ll start writing this in first person. Sorry.

The “News” section of this website, while it is a bit obsolete since one can simply follow me either on Twitter or Instagram for all the breaking life-hacks, is a nice way to collate some of the “big” stuff that goes on from time to time. I guess that’s enough validation, for now.

Since I last updated this, my family up and moved to Nashville. That was in October 2018. Since then, I helped ship Dance Central (I was audio lead) as a launch title for the Oculus Quest, after which I made the big move-on from Harmonix Music Systems as a full or part time commitment (I had been part time since January 2019).

So, for the last month or so, I’ve been fully independent working through the company I co-founded, SkewSound. It’s great to be fully committed alongside by Skew-brothers Dan, Chris, and Nick. They are all very handsome and are actually (surprisingly) a joy to work with. We also re-designed the logo so it’s a little less embarrassing when folks stumble upon us. But, yeah, this last month, June, was the first time that all I did was make music for various projects. Nuts.

Wrapped up my full-time Harmonix stint with Dance Central for Oculus Rift/Quest.

Wrapped up my full-time Harmonix stint with Dance Central for Oculus Rift/Quest.

Also, starting last January, I up and started a game audio class at Belmont University here in Nashville. It was kind of perfect timing: they were looking for someone who actually knew some game audio in order to build a curriculum and, well, teach it, and I needed an excuse to move to Nashville. Perfect.

Oh, and my brother Jonathan and I are also making SAXOPHONE. You probably have already heard about this. Sorry. It’ll be out soon, we hope.

Berklee - Music & Sound Production for Games

Steve is teaching MTEC-321 as an Assistant Professor for the Electronic Production and Design department at the Berklee College of Music this winter semester 2018. It is his first semester teaching at the college and he is excited to join a talented faculty and vibrant young sound community.



Northwestern Sound Arts and Industry - Industry Advisory Board Member

Steve is now a member of the Industry Advisory Board as of late 2017. Last year, Steve gave a talk to the students on music interactivity and VR audio design as a part of their EPICS speaker series, and got to know students and faculty of the program.

Steve will play an active role in helping shape the young program, and will continue making periodic visits on campus in order to share his experience and guidance to the talented students at Northwestern.


Northwester EPICS Speaker Series

Steve participated in the MA in Sound Arts and Industries EPICS Speaker Series on May 18, 2017, giving a talk on game audio and music design. He met with students afterwards for hands on demos with Harmonix games like Rock Band VR and for one on one discussion/Q&A on music game design and game audio.