This page features a sampling of Steve's music for games, demonstrating composition, orchestration, and production techniques across a wide array of musical elements appropriately suited for each game. 

game music
highlight reel

The main themes and highlights from the games Steve has written music for. 


Game music

Music composed for games featuring full orchestra and chamber groups.

Game music

Cues featuring epic orchestra, chamber groups, and hybrid elements for action sequences.

Game music

Ambient textures and melodic cues for passive gameplay sequences.

game music

A sampling of music composed for games using electronic, pop, dance, and hip-hop elements.

game music

A sampling of music composed for games using acoustic, rock, and folk elements. 

game music

Examples of themes and songs for casual and family games. Features acoustic and electronic elements.

game music

A sampling of the trailers Steve has composed music for.

For more on Steve's game audio work, and a detailed look at each project he has worked on.

To listen to Steve's music work for original music projects and bands.